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Meet Ellie Wong, a laboratory technician who had been suffering from adult acne for years. Like many other young working women, Ellie works in a stressful environment and the irregular work hours, she believes, was the main cause of her skin problem. 

Before The Transformation
"I am assigned to work the night shifts and it's so tiring to find a balance between work and social life", explains Ellie. "Seeing friends at normal hours and staying up all night at work simply wears you out, and it shows on your skin, acne just scatters all over my face."

"Of course I have tried many remedies, products containing Benzoyl Peroxide only kill off existing pimples, they do not stop acne from growing," Ellie was very desperate to find a cure, since her big day was also approaching, "my wedding will be at the end of the year and I can't get married with a face looking like this".

Then she saw Cellbone's facebook post, an ad recruiting customers to participate in a free trial of their renowned Mandelic Series.

"I immediately sent out my application and was very hopeful." Ellie was later notified about the invitation and was thrilled, "I couldn't wait to start, honestly I had never tried Cellbone prior to this trial and had only heard from friends about Cellbone's Mandelic Acids."

The trial began with Ellie started using Cellbone's Mandelic Skin Refresher and Mandelic Skin Rejuvenator on her acne prone skin. Apparently no time frame was set for her trial since the time needed for products to take effects varies from one person to another. As long as she notices gradual improvements along the way, we would keep the trial going until Ellie is completely satisfied with what she sees in the mirror.

After The Transformation
Then the good news came. Three months later,  Ellie updated us her skin conditions - acne was vastly improved and the dark spots were also almost completely gone!

Ellie had been sending us email reports of her skin improvement all along, yet not until now did we have a chance to witness the "transformation"  in person - her skin becomes much smoother with skin tone more even, breakouts almost vanished and no more scars and dark spots to be seen.

"My face grew more pimples when I first started using the Mandelic products," Ellie shares her experience with us, "and then gradually growing less after 1-2 weeks. My skin then became smoother with more radiance, the scars were also becoming less and less visible. I would say my skin is almost acne-free now, it feels so unreal - pores are reduced, skin surface is soft, spotless, and clarified with a healthy glow."

On the side effects of Mandelics, Ellie adds, "I knew there would be a chance of flaking but it didn't happen on me. It wasn' drying and there was no irrtation at all. In fact I notice some hydrating benefits because my skin feels more supple now. It was like using normal toners and serums, yet with much more noticeable results. With prolonged use I'm sure my fine lines could be diminished too!"

Having such flawless skin Ellie finally regained her confidence and had a wonderful wedding afterwards. No doubt she would recommend Cellbone's Mandelic Series to friends and relatives. "I love Cellbone's Mandelic Acids as they totally transformed my skin. After so many struggling years I can finally get over my acne problem."  

Lastly Ellie shares with us her beauty tips, "people shouldn't worry too much about using peeling products, as I'm only seeing benefits with minimal side effects.  With proper use, Mandelic Acids are really good for acne skin, however you must not rush, it takes time and persistence to see the improvements, and you must not give up." 

* Individual results may vary



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    Hi Crystal,是可以的,建議先使用杏仁酸精華—> 納米銅肽精華—>抗敏保濕啫喱

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    你好!我朋友面上有很多粒粒但不知是什麼! 我想介紹佢用杏仁酸,但不知是否適合佢用
    可以send 相比你睇?

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    Hi Joe, 是可以的,建議次序: 潔面—爽膚—精華(或面膜)—保濕

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