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To look flawlessly beautiful has always been every woman's goal in life. And once this goal is achieved there comes another mission to maintain skin's quality, the never ending pursuit to reverse time in hope of sustaining beauty. Those struggling know so well, that It takes more than just hard work and persistence because human skin ages, changes, adapts, and evolves - it simply responds differently as time goes by. Smart skincare for every age is therefore the willingness to acknowledge the changing needs of skin, and to never give up on learning its signals, understanding its behavior and ultimately pampering it with the most effective products available.   

Skin In Your 20s
You are likely right at the starting point of your skincare journey - having exposed to all sorts of tips and tricks without knowing what your skin really needs. You always think you have dry skin, and you focus mainly on restoring hydration, believing that "water" does cure all sort of skin problems. Your active lifestyle typically costs you puffy eyes, dark circles, pigmentation and dullness, complexion lacking vitality and resilience. Having smooth, young skin with no signs of aging, you obviously have no concerns over aging yet. And to the less fortunate crowd suffering from endless acne, you are basically dealing with overactive hormones, restless oil and sweat glands, pores easily clog and are more susceptible to bacteria resulting in breakouts all over face. 

Products For You - Clarify skin with products containing Mandelic Acids and/or AHA/BHA, which not only help fight against acne, but also minimizes pores and exfoliates to reveal smooth and brighter complexion. Moisturize your skin with oil-free gels that contain Hyaluronic Acids - intensive hydration yet feeling amazingly refreshed without greasiness. Start using active ingredients such as Eyeliss™ and peptides to combat eye puffiness and loss of skin elasticity. Always use sunscreen with at least SPF30 protection to reduce growth of pigment.    

Skin In Your 30s
Welcome to the paranoid stage of skincare when your skin is beginning to show problems that are hard to tackle, or even irreversible. Watching your skin degrades puts you at a frenzy state to throw any cosmetics on face that are deemed "magical". Nonetheless wrinkles and expression lines are still starting to show, early signs of drooping is gaining prominence at jawline and neck. Skin dehydration becomes more severe; metabolism slows down and it takes more time for skin cells to heal - dark circles and pigmentation is becoming harder to deal with. Adult acne on the other hand has diminished and grows mostly due to hormonal changes rather than to bacteria infections, and it tends to linger at areas around the chin and forehead.  

Products For You - Invest in a serum that contains the powerful L-ascorbic Acids to prolong aging and to diminish pigment. It's always wise to prevent wrinkles from developing before it's too late. Even if they did it's possible to reverse aging with the use of active ingredients such as peptides - which are super bio-active and penetrating proven to improve wrinkles and sagging with rapid and visible results. Repair dryness with serums and masks containing water-soluble collagen (smaller molecules means more penetrating) which nourishes skin cells from deep down. Do not afraid to use a richer cream-based moisturizer or face oil as they soften skin, reduce inflammation, and oftentimes create supple and luscious texture. 

Skin In Your 40s 
You have accepted and are adapting to the gradual change in skin. Aging becomes a noticeable fact and it's affecting your entire body. Age spots start to appear on cheekbones and it takes twice the effort to fade away pigment. Without 100% care and attention face easily looks withered due to dryness, wrinkles, and lines around eyes and mouth. Collagen loss is sagging your eyelids, jawline and neck, with fat also building up to create fuller face and double chin. Acne becomes occasional, hard stubborn cysts are replacing breakouts.

Products For You - It's time to handle your skin more aggressively as it deteriorates much faster at this age. Exfoliate your skin religiously to brighten skin tone and make sure skin texture looks its finest. This also amplifies the absorption of active ingredients and water. Try using doctor's recommended anti-aging ingredient - Retinol - start with low %, to diminish fine lines. Retinol can also cure acne and cysts, dries out the pimples and reduces infection. Boost collagen growth with the use of peptides - such as the renowned Matrixyl®, to reverse sagging and wrinkles. Some peptides are also useful for freezing muscle, preventing expression lines from developing, also aid to improve facial contour. A powerful whitening serum that contains non-irritating Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, peptides, etc becomes super handy for coping with stubborn hyperpigmentation caused by aging or hormonal changes.   


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